How To Self Publish And Make Money

How do I self publish my book and make thousands of money from it?
It's all answered below.

To make the decision to self publish is one big one, rumors go round that one can't make money from self-published books, that's a lie!

So many authors out there have self-published and made tons of money from those books.
How to self publish and make money

In this post you'll learn the following:
Getting The Right Team

Hardwork And Dedication


By the end of this post, you'll be given an extra tip on how to self publish and make money and you should be able to self publish a best-selling book.

Getting The Right Team
You may be wondering what I mean by 'the right team' here.

Before thinking of self-publishing your book, go through this checklist.

How to self publish and make money 2020

Is that editor good, ask for a sample of his or her work and go through it.

If you just rush into paying him or her, you will CRY.

Imagine paying someone to edit your work and you'll still find so many errors in your book.

You may also want to ask authors who have self-published or who happens to know editors who can do the right job for you.

Imagine your book without a cover or perhaps with a crappy cover!

You will cry again because most readers do judge a book by its cover.

You'd personally not buy a book with a less appealing cover.

If you have an idea of designing, you can attempt it yourself or preferably get a good designer to get you what you want.

So many sites out there offer to design book covers, this will help especially if you are trying to make money by self-publishing ebooks.

Printing Companies
How to self publish a book and make money

This doesn't have to be a 'company' it can be any printing place around you.

Synonymous with what you did with the editor, ask for a copy of their work and scan through.

You'd want to note if the pages are well bound and won't be popping out soon.

I emphasized how you need quality when dealing with each of these people.

You don't want readers to in any way guess that your book was self-published except you tell them!

Hard work And Dedication
When you are dedicated to making money from your self-published books, you won't even need Google or YouTube videos anymore.

Go out there, ask for the best, and get started on this journey!

Note: Lots of successful authors did self publish and won't mind telling you how to make a living self-publishing.

Yes! People do it.

A business without a marketing strategy is a total joke.

You want to make money from self-publishing your book and you don't have plans to market your books.

You don't need a degree in Business to plot a marketing strategy for the sale of your book.

There are so many channels you can try!

•Social media

•Product marketing site

•Free copies or price reduction

and so many other ways...

Social media like Pinterest give a great opportunity to market products.

If well utilized can bring tons of sales in a short period of time.

'In a short period of time!' That's the exciting thing, you don't have to wait for ages till your book is bought.

This channel is also a way of generating passive income.

You can set up a site specifically your books, you may also want to have a page on Facebook for that too.

I'm not sure if it brings sales but you can grow your brand and get your books out there.

Free Copies Or Price Reduction
Humans are humans, we all love free things no matter how rich we are.

You can give out free copies of your book for a short period of time or reduce the price.

Trust me, people would rush to grab a copy of your book.

I told you all to stick to the end, so here is the last tip.

Book Value
Without this, all other points stated above are invalid.

Try to write a book readers will be drawn to.

Consider the title, description, and many other things people would see first in your book.

If JK Rowling's Harry Potter was a crappy book, no matter how much the publishing company helped, we wouldn't have ever heard of it!

Write a book that's naturally going to grab the attention of readers without so much marketing.

How much money can you make selling books on Amazon?
It all depends on the value of your book and how you present it.

You can make thousands of dollars of naira from Amazon but you can also make no dime from publishing on Amazon.

Try the above tips and get back to me if it doesn't work.

Remember to leave a comment below if you are planning to self publish or how much you've made if you've already self-published.

The steps above show you how to make money by self-publishing children books, ebooks, and even fiction!

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