Best Creative Writing Prompts

I realized most writers/authors want to write but can't seem to craft out the perfect story idea.

I'll help you, I'll give you a list of sixty interesting writing prompts to choose from!

Best Creative Writing Prompts

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I'll try my best to drift away from the cliches you all have read or heard off. It's left to you to put in some inciting moments, plot twists, and other captivating plot ideas to make your story interesting.

I'll categorize the writing prompts into six genres.

Writing Prompts For Young Adults

Writing Prompts For Highschool

Writing Prompts For Fantasy

Writing Prompts For Science Fiction

• Writing Prompts For Non-Fiction

Young Adult (YA) Writing Prompts For Young Adults.

Writing Prompts

1. Write about a rich girl who falls in love with the least popular guy on campus.

2. A guy who realizes that he's been in love with the wrong person.

3. A lady who decides to go to college all because she never had the opportunity to.

4. Write about a lady who starts having feelings for a man who barely talks to anyone.

5. A cripple guy who loves basketball finds a girl who shares his passion.

6. A lady who falls for her co-worker.

7. A man falls in love with a lady from a blind date.

8. Two brothers who love the same girl but don't know.

9.  A man who gets ditched on his wedding day.

10. A lady with an addiction who falls for her therapist.

Writing Prompts For Highschool
1. A nerd girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend for the popular girl.

2. Betrayals among a group of formerly tight friends.

3. Starting high school.

4. A girl who's in love with her teacher.

5. A blind boy who receives his sight and is transferred to a school for all.

6. An influenced high school girl.

7. A guy with family issues who turns to illegal stuffs.

8. A spoilt boy.

9. Rift between the top popular groups in school.

10. Popular girls who decide to go incognito for a school year.

Writing Prompts For Fantasy
1. Two girls who have powers and have to compete to be the chosen one.

2. A girl who never gets considered in the magical kingdom due to her stuttering issues.

3. A human girl who falls in love with an extraordinary boy.

4. A boy who is told he has to take over the throne of the magical place.

5. Brothers with great powers who try to kill each other.

6. A boy who is in love with a girl from a forbidden kingdom.

7. A boy who killed the king and tries to run away.

8. A deaf boy who's expected to take over the throne.

9. A magical city that needs to be saved by the most powerful person.

10. A girl who talks to and understands only animals.

Writing Prompts For Science Fiction
1. A group of scientists who try to make a human being.

2. A programmed girl who turns human.

3. A little girl who mistakenly turns to an adult after using her dad's machine.

4. College boys who make a robot that later goes out of control.

5. A programmed girl who has a human best friend.

6. Group of friends who find out that one of them isn't human.

7. A depressed lady who gets herself programmed.

8. A missing dangerous robot.

9. The whole school finds out that the Queen bee and her minions are programmed.

10. A journey to the world of no humans.

Writing Prompts For Nonfiction
1. Overcoming depression as a young teenager.

2. Understanding your kids.

3. All paths to happiness.

4. Dealing with memory loss.

5. When to start dating.

6. Knowing if you are in love.

7. Understanding yourself.

8. Living as a Christian(or whatever religion you believe in)

9. Confiding in your pet.

10. Handling hypertension at an early age.

Writing Prompts For Kids

Best creative writing prompts

1. Write about your best teacher.

2. Write about a school excursion you love.

3. Write about your pet.

4. Write about your house.

5. Write about your best subject.

6. Write about the last end of year party.

7. You are asked to choose a friend to accompany you for your win trip, choose a friend you'll love to go with you.

8. A puppy appears at your door, what will you do?

9. Write about your favorite Christmas gift.

10. Write about your best food.

A sneak peek into a future blog post and a bonus tip for those of you who are stranded for names to use in your stories!

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Before starting that story, check out my first post on developing your dreams as a young writer, it will give you some of the basics you need.

Do not forget to leave a comment below if you'll consider using any of these writing prompts.

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