Maiden Edition Of The Quill Writing Contests

The Quill Writing Contests are contests hosted by the admin and moderators of the group Writers Hangout. They are conducted weekly and give a platform for improving talents.

Create a horror thread(writing) about a lady who finds out that her fiance is from another dimension and is trying to kill her.

Started: May 22, 2020

Ended: May 28, 2020

Prize: The prizes consisted of Wattpad aesthetics, resources, and covers.

The activity was a very competitive one as all participants tried their best to be among the winners. In the tussle to win the prizes, some failed to follow the given instructions.

After a tough time judging, we finally came out with the results and Enebext Ene emerged winner with forty points out of fifty, Kha Lifa was second with thirty-four points and we had a tie with Andy and Idy Ebong emerging as the third. The entries will be posted as soon as possible, you can keep in touch with the blog to participate in forthcoming contests. 

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