Black Lives And All Lives Matter

no to racism

Black lives and all lives matter

What's a bunch of broom without a broomstick?

What's a country without the citizens?
What's the world without us?

Deviating from the issue before us, we reignite a fire.

A fire that had been burning from ages back, hidden in the caves of love and peace, unity, and strength.

Of what good would it do us- to get ourselves all burnt up by this fire?

This fire, that can be extinguished if we all open our eyes.

To see the beauty of the colors we are blessed with.

The ebony of the blacks, the purity of the whites.

The tan of the red Indians and other beautiful colors unknown.

This isn't the time for unnecessary banter and never will there be a time- if we are determined.

This shouldn't let us Drop our pens!

no to racism

I held my box tighter as I made my way to the hostel. Junior students all ran up to me and enveloped me in a hug. They helped take my other bags up while I pulled my box along.

 I rubbed the sweat off my forehead and ran my hands through my honey brown hair.

My legs ached from climbing five staircases, Imaobong and Christie were talking by the corridor but screamed once they saw me. They ran up to me and wrapped their arms around me both squishing all air out of my lungs. 

We got into the hostel and some greeted me, I rolled my box to my corner. Taking a seat on my mattress, the dust went up and I jumped up. Christie smiled and sat on her bed beside mine while Imaobong was in a feat of laughter.

"Girl! Did you s-see your f-face?" I chuckled and sat on  Christie's bed as we talked about random events that happened during our long break. 

I was about getting my water bottle out of my bag when a girl walked into the hostel. Her blonde curly shoulder-length hair dancing as she walked in, she adjusted her glasses and our eyes met. We've never had any white female students. I motioned to her to come and both Christie and Imaobong turned to face her. She walked to us and I knew Princess would love to meet her. She smiled and we introduced ourselves.

"Hey, I'm Udeme" Imaobong and Christie greeted her.
"I'm Amelia, transferred from the United States" Christie offered her a seat on her bed but I knew she couldn't still blend in. We talked for a while and she started relating well once we told her that we all aren't from the same cities. We even told her that we had an Igbo friend who wasn't back yet.

Udemeobong Udoeyop

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