Merchants Of Cold Souls(1)

Cold souls


"How does my work affect you? If you can't stay here then leave!" Parker had brought her from her lively abode in Port Harcourt to Jos where he asked her to become a full-time housewife.

"Don't you have off days? I get bored here" he glared at her.
"If you say anything again, woman, I will throw you out" Lily didn't care if he meant it, she wanted to let out her emotions. Maybe she could get him to stay with her some days.

"Parker, I know you have off days, why don't you stay home then?" that was it. Parker was done taking her shit.

 He walked into their room, grabbed her boxes, and threw them out. Ignoring the stares of the neighbors who were watching from their windows, he pulled her out and locked the door he didn't even let her get her shoes. 

"Parker, don't do this please" she pleaded but she got no reply. Tears dropped on her lips as she crouched to the floor mat. 

After a long time of staying there, she decided to leave. It seemed like he wasn't considering taking her in.

She flinched as her feet met with the cold tar. All was to please her mother, she always wanted her to get married to an influential man.

 She hugged her coat tight as a cold wind brushed her. 

The road was as dry as usual, lights from houses along the street shone. The loud radio sound buzzed from a truck that moved out of a neighbor's house.

With her degree in economics, she stayed home for three months straight. No friends, no work, no social life of any sort. It hurt her to realize that she was no different from a prisoner. All she did was cook, clean up, watch movies, and sleep. That wasn't how she planned to spend her life.

A loud screeching of tires and a bright light was all she saw as she fell limp.

She was rushed to the hospital by the young man who ran into her. After a while, the doctor informed him that she sustained mere injuries on her leg. Letting out a breath he had been holding, he rested his butt on the hospital corridor chairs. The room went dark, he was used to darkness so it didn't faze him. Three male staff walked in with a ladder. With the support of the other two, one climbed up and fixed the new bulb. The light illuminated the room once again.

A nurse told him he could now see the lady. He only cared because he would be arrested if she had died in the accident. If she was looking at the road, she wouldn't have been here.

He walked into the hospital room, it had the traditional white walls and a strong smell of disinfectant met him and he squeezed his nose.

Her right leg was wrapped up in a POP, the curtains dropped so low that he thought they might fall into her eyes.

She reminded him of Amanda.

Her thick dark brown hair, flat nose, and bright hazel eyes. 
"I'm sorry I hit you, we both lost concentration I guess" he found himself saying, she smiled and sat up.
"It's okay, I was lost in thoughts so you should blame me" he walked to a seat beside her bed and sat.
"I don't mean to be nosy but what were you thinking about that almost drove you six feet deep?" Her bright eyes seemed to have lost their liveliness as she stared at the wall.

Her mind had wandered to her husband and the people she gave a lot to but had nothing in return.
"My husband" the man looked at her to continue.
"He sent me packing and I had nowhere to go, I'm from Port Harcourt" she cried, he understood her. 

His mind went back to the night when he caught Amanda with his brother. He loved her so much and what hurt him most was the fact that it was his own brother who betrayed him.
That same night, he met the people who turned out to be his family. 

"You can stay with me, I have a large house" she grinned and asked.
"Are you sure about this?" He nodded, it turned out there was more to this lady than he thought.

Watch out for the next part of Merchants Of Cold Souls.

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