Cons Of Impersonation

Do you perhaps think copying some other person's actions will make you look more like that person?

As much as impersonation is considered fun, it is also annoying!

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Today on Cons Of Impersonation we'll be looking at:

Meaning Of Impersonation

Causes Of Impersonation

Impersonation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

•Is Impersonation A Crime?

•Impersonation vs Imitation

Impersonation And Acting

Effects Of Impersonation On The Person Being Impersonated

•Advantages Of Being Yourself

Cons Of Impersonation

The cons of impersonation are as follows:

1. Impersonation stamps a fake sign on your forehead forever.

2. Impersonation brings lack of respect to the impersonating party.

3. It makes people think low of you.

4. It leads to inability to give trusted advice.

For the rest of the cons read to the end!

Let's get started!

Meaning Of Impersonation
Those who follow up with my blog posts will know that I don't fancy using Google's definitions but I do so when necessary.

Today, I'll explain the word impersonation from my point of view.
Impersonation is the act of trying to do things like some other person or even an animal!

Causes Of Impersonation
There are so many factors that make people act like others. I'll give you a list of five common factors that causes impersonation.

1. Low Self Esteem
This is not only a major cause of impersonation but also a major cause of other things.

Low self-esteem has to do with having the inability to believe in yourself.

 This makes you feel like someone else or other people are better off than you.

When this happens, the victim is forced to start being like the person or people whom they feel are better off.

2. Unnecessary Desire For Clout
Clout, that word isn't quite familiar with few people so I'll explain it now.

Clout may mean control, strength, authority, leverage, and even fame.

The desire to have that leverage over others or to get famous quickly may lead people to impersonate others.

3. For Fraud
People may start acting like others in order to scam vulnerable people out there.

I'll give you an example.

Metrisha is a popular artist in my country, I decide to create a social media account with the same name.

I start telling people that I'm doing a giveaway and they can participate only if they pay a certain amount of money.

I have directly and indirectly defrauded them.

4. Envy
Envy and admiration are good old brothers but very different indeed.

I call them brothers because they can lead to impersonation.

In envy, the victim is trying to suppress his or her admiration for the other party.

This brings up wicked desires and thoughts.

Here, the victim might start devising plans on how to act like the person being impersonated.

Whereas, admiration is seen as the better brother. Admiration oozes love and can't evoke evil thoughts.

Here, the person genuinely takes the other party as his or her role model and thrives to be like him or her.

But both can lead to impersonation as mentioned earlier.


Impersonation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

What is flattery?

Flattery is untrue credit.

This is when a person is praised more than he or she is to be or when a person is wrongly praised.

An example of this is: for instance, I'm wearing a big shirt that doesn't look good on me.

Instead of telling me this, my friends tell me it looks so beautiful.

Impersonation may or may not be the highest form of flattery.

It may be in that, by mockery people start behaving like someone else.

It may not be in that, there might be a true admiration for the person being impersonated.

Is Impersonation A Crime?

Yes, impersonation is a crime.
However, you can try seeking the permission of the other party then maybe, it mightn't be considered as one.

Impersonation Vs Imitation
Impersonation can either be done for fun or fraud.

Impersonation is synonymous with a long term copying of a person's life or behavior.

Imitation simply has to do with copying. It may last for a minute, an hour, or even just a day.

It often doesn't last long.

Impersonation And Acting
Impersonation and acting are two very different things entirely.

You all know what impersonation is from what is explained in the first paragraph of this lesson.

Acting is done usually for entertainment.

The actors and actresses out there aren't pretending to be anyone so we can't term that impersonation.

To throw more light on that, I mean that they may be trying to come off as a villain, a nice person, or whatever but they aren't intentionally copying any existing human.

Effects Of Impersonation On The Person Being Impersonated
Most of us go around trying to be who we are not.

You may be trying to impersonate your favorite author, dancer, actor/actress, or even a celebrity.

A common case of impersonation is seen in the lady who's trying to act like Ariana Grande.

As said by Ariana herself, she doesn't like the fact that someone's acting like her and most people would share similar views.

Do you feel annoyed when you have someone steal your ideas and get more famous?

That isn't jealousy, it's humane!

While trying to impersonate a character, try to get permission or better still be yourself.

That takes us to the next point.

Advantages Of Being Yourself
Most youths today feel that they can only get fame by trying to be someone else or continuously seeking for attention.

That's wrong!

If you eventually get famous with that, your history will be traced back to your 'host' and you'll soon be long forgotten.

On the contrary, if you get famous while doing something you love and being yourself. 

You'll always be known to be you.

Cons Of Impersonation
For me, impersonation has no pros. If it had, I would have mentioned it earlier.

First, impersonations stamps a fake sign on your forehead forever.

Impersonation brings a lack of respect to the impersonating party.

It makes people think low of you.

It leads to an inability to give trusted advice.

Impersonation deprives people of so many opportunities out there because they are considered as copyrights.

I'll stop there today since I do not want to bother you with a bulky article.

Being yourself doesn't cost you a dime, it boosts your self-esteem, respect, and reputation.

Remember to comment if you are going to start the journey of being yourself or highlight a paragraph you found helpful.

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