The Quill Writing Contest 2 (Speak And Write With Pictures)

Writing Contests

It seems some people missed the last train, you can catch up on this one!

Remember that The Quill writing contest is brought to you by the admin and moderators of writers hangout.

The 'Speak With Pictures' activity requires you to post a picture and explain it in detail. Try to pass a message to the public on any random topic.

Only a winner will be chosen so work hard!

Prize- A book cover and ten Wattpad resources.

Starting- June 4, 2020

Deadline - June 11, 2020

To those seeing this on the blog and want to participate, post your entries to my email

If you didn't win the last one, you might win this!
Click Here to view the last contest.

Good luck from admin and moderators of Writers Hang out

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