Developing Your Dreams As A Young Writer

Are you a young writer looking for help?

Or perhaps you have a friend who needs help and you want to offer advice.

You've come to the right place, scroll through, and pay close attention.

Finding Inspiration

All writers have different sources of inspiration. Well, I'd say mine is from movies.

 The first step in improving your writing is by finding the right source of inspiration. It may be from songs, books, experiences, etc, but just make sure you have the inspiration. 

I'm saying this because inspiration gives off the right flow you need to write that amazing article, book, or whatsoever you want to write.
Show Don't Tell

You've probably heard or seen this millions of times. I did this more often and I went from being that crappy writer who keeps saying 'he said' to a writer who expresses herself better. 

Doing this doesn't mean you should only use alternatives like 'she announced', 'she muttered', and the rest.

 Try to avoid it but sprinkle it a bit when needed.

For Example

• "Get your feet off my property and never come back," Yale said.
Compared to.

"Get your feet off my property and never come back" Yale stomped his feet and walked off.

If you noticed, the second Ine sounds better and also creates a mental picture. You immediately imagine someone childishly stomping his feet and walking off.


We have our different beliefs, I'm a Christian just in case you are wondering. 

It doesn't matter what your religion is but I suggest you pray before venturing into writing anything.

Cliffhangers And Suspense

Cliffhangers are very different from suspense.

 A cliffhanger is that inciting moment you may want to create at the end of your chapters whereas suspense is inciting moment you create that eventually spans throughout the book.

 You just want to leave your reader at the edge of the cliff.

Those are the steps to improving the authenticity of your write-ups as a young writer. I hope I'm able to point certain things out and help you in becoming a better writer.

Remember to leave a comment if you are starting this journey as a young writer or if you learned something useful.
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